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Snow Parks: First eight rails at the slopes!

[Updated 20.1.2023]

There are 6 larger rails and 2 mini rails ready.

The largest jumper, Haikki, also has a nose.

More rails will be installed soon!


Rails and Jumps


In Snowpark Parra, snow parks are divided into smaller areas all over the slopes.

The largest park called Street is located at the inner edge of Slope One. There you will find two jumps of different sizes - Haikki and The Box.


The Set Up of Rails at the moment


New rails at the slopes from 20.1.2023!

At the Slope One we have Thick Dubble Tube, Tube (renewed!), Long Handrail and Long Box (renewed!).

At the Slope Two there are Long Log Box and Double Log Box

...and in the Little Slope two Mini Rails!


No Need to be Pro 


Boxes are the perfect way to start your park riding career! In the slopes of Snowpark Parra, there are always multiple different boxes that bring a little challenge for every skier and snowboarder!