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Get to know our Ski School

Learn to Enjoy The Snow with our Ski Instructors!


Our Ski School is held by ten great Ski Instructors, ready to guide you through the start of skiing or snowboarding! 

Ski lessons are available in English, Finnish and Swedish - for participants of all ages!

A lesson (50 min) can be reserved for one beginner, or your own group of two to three. All the participants of the lesson will be using the same equipment - skis or snowboards - including the instructor.

When planning a group, it is also important to keep in mind that the lesson is most effective, when the participants are on about the same level of skills.


The Lesson Proceeds at Your Pace


The guidance begins on the flat, and practices lead us to the Little Slope and the rope lift on the side of it. 

The lesson always proceeds at the pace of its participants. Sometimes we reach the bigger slopes during the first lesson, but more often it's better to stay on the Little Slope, especially with the smallest helmet heads.

A Tip -  we don't recommend reserving more than one lesson in a row. It's good to digest what has been learned for a while first!