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Free Rope Lift on the Little Slope

The Little Slope - perfect place for Practice


The Little Slope is the right place to try something new, skies or a snowboard. Kids, as well as adults, are free to practice there - for free!

Especially the smallest helmet heads are known to enjoy themselves on the gentle downhill of the Little Slope - even for the whole day!

In this slope it is also allowed for adults to walk on the snow, assisting the smaller beginners.

The Little Slope is located at the lower end of the hill, between the two bigger slopes. It is also in eyesight from the terrace of Parra Bistro, as well as from the area of the BBQ Huts.


The Rope provides an Easy Lift


The rope lift is free for everyone - no need for a ticket!

Using this lift is the perfect way for the small ones to enjoy the snow independently. 

It is also possible to use the anchor lift to get to the Little Slope, but that requires a ski pass.


Small Challenges for the Beginners


Every morning, our snow crew builds a mini snowpark - a small slalom track, a gate and a couple tiny boxes - to the Little Slope. Those provide challenge and excitement for the small skiers and snowboarders - just on the right scale!