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The Nature around Snowpark Parra

Chain of Ancient Mountains


Snowpark Parra is built on a real mountain. It's a part of a long chain of ancient mountains, that rises from the flat landscape of Southern Osthrobothnia. 

Around the mountain, the evergreen forests reach the horizon. The biggest buildings of Teuva can be seen from the top of the mountain, rising from the green, far apart from each other. The closest village is kilometers away. 


Snowpark Parra and Luonto-Parra


The slopes of Snowpark Parra are located on the North hillside of the mountain. On the South side, there is a nature attraction and recreation area Luonto-Parra. There you will find for example two swimming ponds, a disc golf course and a huge yard for events.

On the South side, there are 60 private cottages by a narrow road winding through the woods. Some of them are available for renting. In summer, it's also possible to book a spot from a camping area located in the center of Luonto-Parra.


Routes for hiking and exercising


Snowpark Parra and Luonto-Parra are connected by a nature trail climbing on the hillsides of the mountain. In winter, when there's enough snow, there is a skiing track of 5 kilometres on this trail. The whole path is also lit by streetlights, so the dark of the Finnish winter is not a problem.

As Parra mountain is one of the highest points of the area, it offers a beautiful view from the top. From there you can see the endless forests, shattered by fields and windmills.

The Hiking Trails of The Ancient Mountains start out from the yards of Luonto-Parra. They offer a peek to the local nature, as well as different grounds for shorter of longer exercises. In winter, they have dozens of kilometres of maintained skiing tracks.

Along the trails, you will see everything from stone fields to swamp areas and a great lake for spotting birds. For breaks, there are lean-to shelters and open huts.

More information in Finnish and pictures of the area