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Book a Ski School lesson in English

Learn to Enjoy The Snow with our Ski Instructors!


A lesson (50 min) can be reserved for one beginner, or your own group of two to three. All the participants of the lesson will be using the same equipment - skis or snowboards - including the instructor.

You don't need a Ski pass during the lesson.

Lessons are available on weekends, on Christmas Holidays and on Winter Holidays (weeks 8 and 9).

  • Do you want to book a ski lesson in Finnish? Book here.

  • Do you want to book a ski lesson in Swedish? Book here.


Equipment on special price


If you need rental equipment, you get the set with a special price 6 € /skier (normally 21 €).

Special price is valid when the set is paid with the lesson. You can use the equipment the whole day.


More information via email hiihtokoulu@parra.fi

If you need to cancel the lesson, please let us know as soon as possible. You can do it by answering the confirmation email or writing a message to hiihtokoulu@parra.fi.

In case of falling ill or canceling for some other good reason, the payment will be returned. If we don't get an announcement beforehand, the payment cannot be returned.