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Moving around on slopes after Ski Season's ending

Snowpark Parra has ended Ski Season 2022


The slopes are no longer taken care with machine and they can be very icy. The rails can be loose when the snow is smelting around them.

It's not allowed to use sleds /toboggans in slopes for alpine skiing even after the ski season has ended. Speed can get dangerously high!

Using sleds /toboggans is allowed in the Sled Hill as long as there is snow. Even that slope can get icy because it's no longer taken care of. Sled Hill can be found beside the BBQ huts.

It's forbidden to use motor vehicles in the slopes without a personal permission. Easter Holidays are reserved for visitors moving around without a motor. (Privat use Mon 18.4.2022 from 14.00.) After this it's possible to ask for a permission (link to contact info).

On foots or with skis or snowboard it's allowed to move in the slopes, remembering that they can be icy. 


Moving around in Snowpark Parras area always happens at one's own risk.